“Great training course. The modules are easy to follow and full of ideas that businesses can apply in their own operations.”
Hugh Gibson, Newhouse Campus Environmental & Energy Engineer, Honeywell Control Systems Limited

“This training is really impressive, it covers a lot of information in an accessible way"
Alan Peddie, The University of Edinburgh

“I thought the training course was excellent. For small companies, this would be really useful. It is well written, the language is simple and easy to understand and the modular break down is good also. I will definitely recommend it”
Ashley Hurst

“I found the entire experience to be eye opening, factual, enjoyable and thoroughly thought provoking. Not only has it helped me to educate others in my team but also to benefit my entire organisation, saving money, energy and helping reinvestment. Everyone who has the drive and ambition to better themselves and their Company should sign up and complete the training.”
Steven Rae, Sanderlings Glasgow Airport

"The modules are comprehensive yet simple to follow and there’s something in each of them for businesses of all sizes. This will help OPG to stay on course as we strive for continuous improvement of our EMS which is driven by our ISO14001 certification."
Alan Watson, OPG Limited

“Your course is amazing and very user friendly, so on behalf of Thuthuka Packaging, I thank you and will recommend this course to every company possible.”
Daniella Jordaan, Engineering Assistant, THUTHUKA packaging

“Great course for businesses that want to learn about resource efficiency at their own pace. I highly recommend this course”
Seamus Corry, Assistant Manager, Cloybank

"Thank you for running this course, it has reinforced my existing knowledge and given me some useful ideas to apply in future."
Brad Pontin